Saddle Fitting

Tara Kolesar is an independent saddle fitter-not affiliated with any company or brand.  She was certified by Mike Scott’s school of English saddle fit and flocking program.  In this school, “Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, saddle fit and flocking technique are taught at every class meeting and are emphasized throughout all hands-on work.”  Mike obtained his certification from the Cumbria School of Saddlery in Penrith UK in bridle-making and intermediate repairs in 2001. Complete saddle flocking was also addressed during this schooling. In 2002, he completed the Master Saddlers Association (MSA) Saddle Fitters Certification Program here in the United States.


Evaluation, tracings, and recommendations (up to 90 min): $100

Flocking adjustments: $75 +/- depending on how much needs done

Total reflock of wool (may not include evaluations): $350

Billet replacement: $45/billet as long as I do not have to drop the panels to do so

Gullet plate/tree evaluation: $75 +/- ( depending on if needs sewn back up and difficulty in doing so)


Be prepared to ride!

If any ground work warmup needs done prior to mounting, please have this done before our appointment time so that you may take full advantage of our scheduled slot.

Expect the following procedures:

  1. Have your horse clean and ready
  2. History and concerns discussed
  3. Horse evaluated and palpated
  4. Saddle evaluated off of the horse
  5. Tracings and photos taken
  6. Static evaluation of the saddle on a square and quiet horse
  7. Dynamic evaluation of the saddle with the rider on
  8. Flocking adjustments or options discussed
  9. Re-evaluate with the rider on